November 2020
With the race season a few months away and a relatively quiet 2020 season with just two events we have had a lot of time to decide on a plan of action for 2021. As it stands we are hoping to spend some time in Ireland to race the vast majority of road events spanning from April to July. We feel as if this is the best direction for the team and Ryan as a rider. Concentrating on road racing solely is really exciting and moving to Ireland for the duration means we can meet contacts and be fully immersed in the racing scene there. All this hopefully leading to successful entry into the Diamond races in October. If any races on the IOM are to run then this will definitely be built into our season, southern 100 and Manx GP will both be on the to do list. 
The R6 luckily didn't take any crash damage this year, which has surprised just about everyone. Including Ryan... We have also been lucky enough to welcome a new addition to the fleet, courtesy of Keith Jowett at Pegasus Externals. After noticing the lack of track time on a road racing weekend (in comparison to short circuit event) Keith went out of his way to offer to purchase us a Supertwin so as to be able to race another class during a race weekend. This will allow Ryan to get twice as much track time and in turn become faster and safer (we hope). Supertwin racing is a hugely competitive class and really tests the engineering capacity of a team as many of the parts are manufactured in house and the bikes are very fickle. Luckily we have a George.
We will now spend the winter and new year building the new bike up into what we need, testing and refining it so its as good as can be when we make the pilgrimage over to Ireland. 

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